Value Analysis & Value Engineering

At Redeem, we understand the pricing and margin pressures a product goes through as it matures in its lifecycle because of the low cost of product realization that late entrants in the market are at an advantage to provide. Through our Value Analysis and Value Engineering (VAVE) practice we are well equipped to provide the needed competitiveness that such products will have to be reinforced with.

Value Analysis and Value Engineering (VAVE) is a high-impact service line in which our experts use Functional Analysis System Technique (FAST) methodologies to unlock hidden value in customer’s products.

Through VAVE we can standardize products to reduce inventory costs, product weight and material costs -- and streamline manufacturing processes. We have the expertise to provide Globalization / Frugal innovations on the System to meet aspirational cost points of the emerging markets.

We handle the value engineering assignments as opportunities to reinvigorate the products to gain technology leadership. We adopt a combination of methods including system architecture overhaul to evaluating alternate designs, alternate materials, and design verification for strength, durability and safety and production processes including testing.

A comprehensive tear down analysis report acts as a reference document for BOM optimization based Value engineering services: Cost modeling, benchmarking, sourcing, obsolescence management and redesign -- thereby ensuring product’s competitiveness in the market.

The proposed post Valve Engineering product life cycle delays the product decline phase which presents quantifiable benefits for the VAVE initiative.