Smart Bike Locking Solution

Reimagining the way you travel

Redeem partnered up with a well renowned bicycle manufacturing company to develop a solution that can address the public transportation woes of the country. With the rising fuel prices and the dire need to reduce carbon emissions, a more eco-friendly solution was the need of the hour.

No dearth of challenges

In most Indian cities, the existing public infrastructure is barely able to accommodate the increasing volumes of traffic resulting in frequent and wearisome traffic jams costing both time and money for all parties involved. The OEM envisioned a solution that would not only be a more affordable and environment friendly alternative but also contribute positively to the well being of the user.

Electric bicycles had to be redesigned to be a sensible alternative for mass public transportation. The total carbon footprint of the product life cycle had to be significantly lower to make an impact and it had to be cost effective for users to ditch their cars and cabs for the bike.

Jump starting the project

Redeem’s contribution was in two key areas. First to assist in the design and manufacture of the bike, second to develop an IoT kit that could enhance the bike user experience.Though the OEM already had completed most of the design before bringing redeem on board, the design faced multiple manufacturing challenges. We were tasked with identifying opportunities to reduce costs and optimize the overall design of the bike.

Within the limited timeframe, we needed to get product design ready before aggressive testing of the design to ensure zero flaws. Bringing down the overall manufacturing costs without affecting the quality of the product was also paramount.

Redeem envisioned an innovative hardware kit that could interact with the user’s device to enable features that further add to a fine user experience.

An eye for perfection

Most bikes would be parked in open areas, so security concerns of the bike had to be addressed in the design. Also in an increasingly connected world, it is to be expected that your modes of transportation can engage with your devices as well. Hence Redeem envisioned an innovative hardware kit that could interact with the user’s device to enable features that further add to a fine user experience.

Keeping this in mind, a custom IoT kit was designed and developed for the bike incorporated with multiple sensors to monitor different operating parameters. The design of the container box had to be robust to endure the harsh external conditions but also not compromise on the aesthetic of the bike. Aggressive testing had to be done to ensure that box could not only withstand the daily wear and tear of normal bike usage but also vandalism and theft in extreme cases. Meticulous water testing was also performed to ensure the safety of the sensitive electronic components inside the box. If the kit was to survive, it needed to be completely waterproof and steadily attached to the bike.

The primary feature of the kit was smart lock which enabled the user to lock/unlock their bikes through their smartphones via a custom designed app interface. The application came loaded with other features including battery health monitoring, theft detection alerts, user usage information and so on. Anticipating network error at deep basement parkings, bluetooth unlock feature was also included. The kit was designed with the best possible experience for the user in mind.

Exceptional Teamwork

The successful completion of the project was possible because of the trust placed on Redeem by the client and our ability to understand their vision. Extensive research and redesign for manufacturability, constant communication and collaboration between both teams and anticipating the needs of the end user was invaluable to the project. Our integrated team of engineers moved every last straw to ensure perfection paying attention even to the smallest detail. The end result was a product that not only surpassed expectations but also had the potential to make significant positive change to the lives of users and the environment.

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