Systems and Embedded Software Solutions

At the heart of most embedded systems today is the software. By virtue of being a pure play Engineering Services and Solutions provider, Redeem Systems has the comprehensive awareness and understanding of the interrelationships between circuits and the software that controls them.

Hardware design decisions directly affect software implementations and vice-versa. The complexities that can arise from the interaction of the embedded software, hardware and communication protocols are, to say the least, very challenging.

Redeem Systems has a wide range of expertise in the development of embedded and system software solutions -- firmware, device driver, BSP, porting and integration onto a range of development platforms and RTOSs.

We endeavor to provide high value services that leverage our unique abilities to bridge the development gap between software and hardware development crafts. Our services are based on the deep appreciation and the extensive direct experience, our resource pool has, with the nuances and idiosyncrasies of each craft.

Years of experience in developing complex, custom embedded software systems has given us the ability to see ahead for our customers. Partnerships and associations with leading RTOS and Semiconductor vendors has exposed us to varied complexities and understanding towards different embedded software frameworks and hardware architectures

Increasing number of device manufacturers are adopting to open source architecture due to low development and licensing costs. Redeem Systems, as a system and embedded software solutions company, has been one of the pioneers to take a lead on this front and provide development services on Linux, multiple Open Source and other proprietary technologies.

Semiconductor firms also leverage our experience to design reference platforms based on their silicon. They also rest easy on the strength of our demonstrated competence to deliver to them the complete target solution.