RFID Based Asset Management

Real-time tracking of all assets right at your fingertips

An FMCG powerhouse approached us hoping for a comprehensive solution for their manufacturing plant in which all the movable assets could be identified, monitored and tracked at all times.

A familiar Problem

Since the existing system of the client was inadequate to manage the bulk of their inventory, expensive delays searching for critical equipment, assets getting lost or misplaced, was a frequent problem. This inefficiency was costing significantly in labour hours and was also affecting their customer commitments. A smart solution was required in a short span of time. Since asset management is one of Redeem’s key capabilities, we were an easy choice for the task.

RFID as the Key Player

Having reviewed their operating model, and after multiple discussions, we were convinced that tagging the assets so that they could be tracked real-time, would solve most of their problems. But we had to find an economical and reliable way to do this. After considering different technologies, we decided an RFID based asset tagging solution would the most appropriate for the requirement . After the assets are tagged, they would need to be monitored and tracked. With a combination of SAP to fetch asset data, a dedicated dashboard for data visualization, we could implement complete asset transparency.

Ensuring optimizations at every stage

The client had an existing mechanism of quarterly audits for asset verification which was manually exhaustive and time consuming. They wanted the proposed solution to ease and optimize this audit process also. We devised a method that generates a random asset list to be verified each quarter. The auditors would be equipped with a tablet with an RFID scanner attached that could automatically scan a particular location and detect all the assets in the area. These assets would then be visible in the device and tallied against the audit list for any missing or misplaced assets. This way it drastically reduces the manual workload of the auditor and speeds up the entire process. This also greatly improves transparency of the audit.

After further client discussions we expanded the scope of the work to develop a complete asset management solution from asset mastering ( fetching asset data from SAP to client database for complete asset visibility), to asset verification ( asset status update), Report generation and so on. A fine user experience of the solution was key to ensuring its success. Hence we designed the interface similar to what the user (client employees) are familiar with and also provided training to ease transition to the new solution.

A successful collaboration

The client was extremely satisfied with the results of their collaboration with us, that they wanted to migrate this solution to their other business ventures as well. We were able to capitalize on asset management proficiency to quickly understand the requirement and adapt a solution that not only solved the problem but also improved the efficiency of the overall business model. They found the right partner in us and we were pleased to deliver beyond expectations and in time.

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