OEM Ready Solution Accelerators

OEM Ready aka Quasi-Production Ready Solutions

Our OEM-Ready solution accelerators and building blocks are feature-rich, cost-effective product offerings complete with hardware reference designs, enabling OEMs to gain an accelerated path to take their products to their marketplace. These Solution Accelerators combine fully integrated protocol software, DSPs and configuration and management libraries, referenced on popular target platforms and well tested for interoperability, reliability, stability and performance.

As opposed to a “one size fits all” approach to systems integration, the OEM Ready Solution program offers rapid development of custom system solutions and services that meet each customer’s unique needs. The program provides complete turnkey solutions — from concept to volume manufacturing — enabling us to act as an extension of your development team for collaborative product development efforts.

Our OEM Ready solution accelerators leverage our clients’ core competencies by letting them focus on product and feature definition while our solutions built on field-validated standard hardware and software components and performance-critical, hardware-assisted networking protocol implementations are brought in as Solution Accelerators to shorten development time.

The solution accelerators along with our custom development services help bring the end-product to market in a low-risk and low-cost way. Through the last 3 years, Redeem Systems has been instrumental in getting products ranging from set-top boxes to security /surveillance appliances out to market for key players in the respective market segments.

We are now working towards the turnkey production-ready solutions for high-end datacom equipment

We can participate in full life-cycle product development on a wide variety of embedded software OEM projects using our technologies including the latest in telecommunications, networking, internet appliances, broadband access devices and real time applications for controls systems.

The Two OEM Ready Solutions In Our Portfolio Are