Medical Electronics and
Device Design Services

The Medical electronics industry is continuously challenged by evolving technologies, innovation cycles and regulatory requirements demanding high quality systems delivered at optimal cost and efficiency.

With our good understanding of this industry’s trends and needs and with our extensive technology expertise, we can be an ideal partner and provider of medical electronics and device design services to help you stay ahead of the technology curve, in every race your part of.

Being a mechatronics and electronics intensive domain – we have created a special pool of engineers to get them researching and honing design concepts to be in line with.

The specialties that this team is trained periodically to be in step with the ever evolving and changing landscape includes – Frugal Engineering, Industrial Design, Ruggedization techniques, Regulatory Demands, Fail Safe methods and even on rapid prototyping methods.

Our current focus in this industry vertical is restricted to only imaging and diagnostics segments. We offer two significant programs – one on the Remote Health and the other on In-Vitro Diagnostics. With this slightly restricted focus, we are able to provide quality services in the medical device design domain.

We will be happy to support you with custom proposals including detailed capabilities walk through for your requirements. We are also getting our team trained on FDA compliance process albeit we are to still go through the process for any of the products being developed.