An efficient telecommunications network
is the foundation upon which an
information society is built

Today, the telecommunication services market is drawn against a brand new business landscape. We believe software drives this market. The very definition of the traditional business model for equipment vendors has changed. To compete in this new business reality, it is imperative for telecom equipment manufacturers to efficiently manage this shift of interests. Consolidation and mergers are being driven aggressively by leading Telecom Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs) across the globe leading to challenges in integrating product lines and technology.

Also, TEMs are increasingly looking at services as an offering in addition to selling products. This new era of telecom solutions business innovation is also driven by content and application. Against these trends and shifts, TEMs need a strategic and trusted partner – Redeem System’s Telecommunication Services provide both deep domain knowledge and innovations that transcend beyond excellence in services delivery and skin in the game value for business relationships.

Redeem envisioned an innovative hardware kit that could interact with the user’s device to enable features that further add to a fine user experience.

Our comprehensive range of competencies and solutions cover the width and depth needed by the Telecom Equipment Manufacturers in the consolidated market landscape, where they battle to gain competitive advantage and win.

From high-level applications to aggregation routers and switches, our expert teams and extensive telecommunication services portfolio helps TEMs gain time, cost and quality advantages in enhancing their product portfolios.

Key growth factors of the emerging telecom sector are data and multimedia services. Carrier applications are gradually evolving into a bigger market. Telecom Equipment Manufacturers and Telecom network operators, therefore, now require specialized services of solutions providers like Redeem Systems who can offer the complete suite of IP Networking solutions.

Redeem Systems extensive knowledge in networking by supporting superior networking companies has created technological experts in Wired and Data Networking Domain. Redeem System’s long experience in network technology with expert technical resources can become an excellent partner for any networking company for providing remarkable IP Network solutions.


    Mobile Backhaul \ Carrier Ethernet Transport

  • TL2/L3 Switching
  • STP, RSTP, MSTP, 802.1 x, VLAN (IEEE 802.1 q, IEEE 802.1 p and IEEE 802.1 ad) MPLS, PBB (802.1 ah), L2TP, CFM and Metro Ethernet
  • Layer-3 Routing
  • IPV 4/1Pv6, RIP, OSPF, IS-IS, IGMP and PIM
  • Layer-4
  • QoS (Quality of Service)
  • L2-to-L4 QoS
  • Management Interface
  • CU (Command Line Interface), SNMP, TR069 and GUI (Graphical User Interface)

Packet Optical Transport\Data Center Ethernet

    Packet-optical transport is a cost-effective alternative to traditional SONET/SDH transport networks, with similar OAM and recovery performance. We can help Telecom Equipment Manufacturers introduce IP/MPLS and MPLS-TP based packet switching into their optical products as part of our IP Networking solutions suite.

  • L3/L2 switch, Switch Fabric and Switch core software customization and development.
  • Multilayer Metro Ethernet Switch with advanced QoS and MPLS features.
  • IP-DSLAM – IP-based broadband DSL technology, DSL/ ADSL/xDSL, Gigabit E-PON technology.
  • Mobile Backhaul – Ethernet-based mobile network transport technology.
  • Metro Ethernet and Carrier Ethernet-based concentrators and distributors.
  • Next generation range of ATCA/Micro TCA devices.

Network Hardware And Software Platforms

  • Deep experience in X-86, MIPS Networking platforms.
  • BCM (Broadcom switch core) customization, porting and integration.
  • Customization, integration and porting of proprietary PAL, HAL, abstraction layers.
  • Expertise in ZebOS control plane software for X-86 and MIPS based networking platforms.

Software Frameworks And Protocol Stacks

  • We provide feature-rich and widely deployed protocol stacks and software frameworks for Layer 2, Layer 3 switching and routing.

While consistent innovation has been the hallmark of the telecom sector, the segment of enterprise wireless networks has been most affected by changing technology and market trends. Customers face multiple challenges in expanding and upgrading wireless networks while integrating solutions for the next generation of broadband technologies.

Redeem System’s innovative ideas have helped OEMs to solve some of their complex engineering problems. We have assisted them in building enterprise wireless solutions against an aggressive schedule to help them retain and lure new customers with clear time-to-market and quality advantage.

Our Expertise In Wireless Is Spread Across The Following Technologies And Associated Products:

  • Wireless Lan, Wi-Fi-Access, LTE
  • MAC Protocol development.
  • L2/L3 Roaming.
  • Based on WPA2-Enterprise.
  • Standards-based service discovery.
  • IEEE 802.11u standard-compliant solution.
  • Better management and monetization of hotspots.
  • 3G-like end-user experience for Wi-Fi authentication and roaming.
  • Stronger authentication based on extensible authentication protocol (EAP).

    WLAN Controllers on Multi-Core Processors

  • L2/L3 management.
  • Mobility management.
  • RF management.
  • Authentication management frameworks.
  • Expertise on industry-leading processors from Cavium and Netlogic.

    WLAN Enterprise solution

  • Seamless L2/L3 Roaming.
  • Fast Roaming.
  • Enterprise Security.


Total Testing for Wi-Fi services helps equipment manufacturers to deliver high-quality solutions across the entire WLAN ecosystem, quickly and efficiently. We maintain a state-of-the-art Wi-Fi test lab equipped with test tools, hardware and software from leading industry vendors to serve multiple Wi-Fi projects like functional testing, end-to-end testing, and pre-certification tests for telecom equipment manufacturers.