Intellectual Property Licensing

Leverage Intellectual Property Rights for product licensing and software development projects - A Hybrid Business Model.

Redeem Systems is and aspires to be a knowledge organization advancing the adoption of emerging technologies and extending the life of sunset/legacy technologies through a commitment to partnership and research.

Since its inception the Company has built an array of Intellectual Property (IP) Components aka products in multiple domains.

These products provide our customers with a time-to-market and cost advantage and us with licensing revenues. In addition to our portfolio of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs), we have enabled sourcing project business, which gives us insights into emerging technology areas, enables us in building in-demand skill sets and deepens our understanding of the end markets that we serve. Such insights into new and emerging technology areas helps in setting the future directions for our Intellectual Property licensing business. Thus, this blended model of providing IP licensing and Project Services has proved complimentary, synergistic and mutually reinforcing for us — while giving our customer time-to-market and cost advantages.

Redeem Systems also offers implementation and integration services along with its Intellectual Property licensing and is also in a position to provide customization services as per specific needs of customers.

In summary, our products are typically software components that are used by our customers to create solutions for their clients. All our current product initiatives are focused on creating components for terminals or customer premise equipment.