Industrial IoT Solutions

Transforming the way you do
business through IIoT

Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT are transforming the world and the way companies do business. From Smart Supply Chains that ensure precise and on-time availability of raw materials, to Automated factories that function without manual intervention, to sensors tagged sold products that relay performance data, to fleet and personnel tracking – Industrial IoT is reshaping the entire product value chain to an unprecedented level. Therefore, businesses that leverage the full potential of Industrial IoT through specialized expertise of an engineering and digital services provider will easily outperform their competition.

Redeem Systems provides end-to-end Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT solutions for both manufacturing companies that require factory specific implementations and for organizations that require extensive asset and personnel tracking.

At Redeem Systems, we pride ourselves with experience in the development of IoT applications, many years before IoT became an industry buzzword. We have significant experience across the various building blocks aka enabling technologies that come into play in the Industrial IoT solutions space: sensor technologies, short range radios, data networking, mobile technologies, analytics and rendering and more recently the wearables.

Internet of Things has opened up an exciting array of possibilities for individuals and enterprises alike — smart phones that help us stay connected with work and home at all times; wearable medical devices that help monitor our health in a non-intrusive manner; and home automation systems and smart sensors that can practically change the way we live — IoT is at the heart of all these experiences.

Enterprises are looking to leverage IoT for industrial automation, business intelligence, Increased productivity. IoT, when combined with technologies such as AR/VR, cloud, analytics and mobility creates a powerful platform that can truly bring about a paradigm shift. At Redeem our Industrial IoT Solutions expertise cuts across various industry verticals whereby our OEM customers have accrued benefits such as superior asset management, reduced asset downtime, reduced energy requirements, improved efficiencies, superior safety – just to name a few. Furthermore, our Industrial IOT solutions encompass Consulting, Platform Services, Integration and Deployment, End-to-End Management, Big Data Analytics and Testing services.

Design and Development

“Data is the new oil. It’s valuable, but if unrefined it cannot really be used. It has to be changed into gas, plastic, or chemicals to create a valuable entity that drives profitable activity; so data must be broken down, analyzed for it to have value ” Clive Humby,
Mathematician & Architect
of Tesco’s Clubcard, 2006

Industrial IoT

Redeem’s communications and connectivity portfolio shines in this segment. With a broad range of cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, GNSS/location, NFC, and power-line solutions, the company is targeting the connectivity fabric to support a wide range of Industrial IoT use cases. Requirements for these use cases vary widely spanning throughput, reliability, security, node density, latency, and battery life. Solutions to address challenges such as operational savings, pollution reduction, public safety, energy efficiency, public health, education, and resource management are the focus of the company. Heterogeneous connectivity enablement is a key strategy for Redeem, which it enables by wide-band, narrow- band, licensed and unlicensed radio spectrum to be offered and NB-5G for massive Industrial IoT capabilities that are in development.


Integrate IoT products or solution with third party devices, with least effort deploy solutions with existing environment


Rapidly deploy huge IoT network with large number of nodes or edge devices


Provide End to End data security and communication security for reliable communication and data collection

Our Capabilities

Oil & Gas

The petroleum supply chain hums 24 hours a day. Equipment involved in mining, moving, refining and selling is expensive, and rugged, and comes from hundreds of manufacturers. With so many variables, finding a way to monitor these expensive assets and use that data to improve efficiency, drive better performance, enable innovation and keep fuel flowing has always been a major challenge for the oil and gas industry and a major untapped opportunity for Industrial IoT Solutions providers like Redeem Systems.

Energy & Utilities

Industrial IoT holds tremendous potential to revamp the Energy & Utilities sector: “use of smart meter data and network data for improving real-time grid fault location, identification and restoration” or “the use of grid and meter data for implementing more efficient local and wholesale energy market mechanisms” or “the use of meter data by retailers and energy service providers to design new services around energy efficiency” — these are a few of the many possibilities that Redeem Systems offers to its customers.

Industrial automation and Robotics

Industry 4.0 or Industrial Internet of Things, which refers to robots and machinery networked with sensors and software, is a core focus area at Redeem Systems. “Smart” factory and assembly-line machines that transmit real-time data to technicians, executives and sales people are not only more efficient, but also require less maintenance downtime and may reduce product-manufacturing costs — all of which could translate to lower prices at point-of-sale.

Transportation & Logistics

From “real-time route modification based on location of vehicle/fleet and prevailing road and traffic conditions” to “real-time monitoring and analysis of driving patterns and vehicles’ operating parameters”, Industrial IoT offers tremendous possibilities in the Transportation & Logistics sector.

Strategic and Advanced Electronics

From “real-time route modification based on location of vehicle/fleet and prevailing road and traffic conditions” to “real-time monitoring and analysis of driving patterns and vehicles’ operating parameters”, Industrial IoT offers tremendous possibilities in the Transportation & Logistics sector.