Hardware Design Services

As an end-to-end hardware design services company, Redeem Systems provides a host of hardware design services, along with software services, to make your products highly reliable. Our hardware design services will ensure your products with outstanding features and performance. We have acquired expertise in the following areas:

AdvancedTCA is an open industry standard for carrier-grade blade-based servers, targeting the requirements for next-generation telecommunications network equipment. The series of specifications is designed to provide higher I/O capacity and computing performance, improved reliability and flexibility, reduced equipment footprint and power consumption, as well as greater choice and interoperability of components at multiple levels of the solution ‘stack’.

For Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) around the world, this transition to an open architecture platform means faster time to market for introducing new telecommunications platforms and applications, being able to more quickly and efficiently leverage the rapid pace of innovation within the IT industry, further reduction of operating expenses based on a common platform architecture, flexible and modular scaling of network capacity, as well as long-term investment protection.

As part of their strategy for open, IT -based and cost -effective platforms, OEMs are leveraging the benefits of AdvancedTCA across their entire portfolio of network solutions, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership for fixed and mobile operators.

Redeem Systems has also been working with and support our customers to define and develop modular communications platforms built upon AdvancedTCA, Carrier-Grade Linux and other industry standards.

In order to guarantee the flexibility and openness with improved time to market of its solutions, Redeem Systems is working with an ecosystem of leading players such as Radisys, HP and Sun Microsystems.

“Leveraging a standardized carrier-grade platform for a broad range of applications helps vendors and service providers accelerate innovation cycles while lowering cost.”

“It is high time to leapfrog legacy and proprietary hardware and software. OEMs look for open, cost-effective, high-performance next-generation carrier-grade platforms, benefiting to the maximum from major IT innovations both in hardware and operating systems such as Unix and Carrier-Grade Linux.

We believe such platforms will provide our customers throughout the world with increased performance and flexibility, significant CAPEX and OPEX saving opportunities, as well as reinforced protection of their long -term investment when introducing new functionality in their network. And our end-to-end expertise in this domain will make us a preferred Hardware Design Services company for OEMs.

We firmly believe that AdvancedTCA offers a promising path in this direction, and represents another valuable step in the roll-out of user-centric broadband networks.

About Advanced TCA

Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (AdvandedTCA®) is the largest specification effort in PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG)’s history, with more than 100 companies participating. AdvancedTCA, the PICMG 3.X family is a new series of PICMG specifications, targeted to requirements for the next generation of carrier -grade communications equipment. This series of specifications incorporates the latest trends in high -speed inter-connect technologies, next generation processors and improved reliability, manageability and serviceability.

AdvancedTCA (www.AdvancedTCA.org) is a trade mark of the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (www.picmg.org).