Access Regulation using
Facial Recognition

Redefining Attendance with Image Analytics

A leading US-based FMCG manufacturer who a major problem keeping track of attendance in a 10,000+ workforce factory. A facial recognition solution was designed to identify the employees/workers for attendance and to provide appropriate levels of access.

Industry wide HR problem

In plants with over 10,000 manpower, the client needed a smart solution to identify employees for accurate attendance tracking, authorize or restrict access to specified locations, etc.

They were facing difficulties to properly identify and differentiate between employees, visitors, and miscreants. Also, frequent disputes arose regarding mismatch of records at the end of the month.

Just smile at the camera

Since RFID has the possibility of proxy attendance by exchange of RFID tags, it reduced its reliability. Instead, we decided to implement facial recognition because of its numerous advantages over other technologies for the use case. One of the biggest pros of facial recognition technology is that it enhances safety and security apart from being fast and accurate. We used face recognition using Image Analytics to instantly validate an employee or service provider’s identity when they access physical locations, software or sensitive data.

Solution Highlights
‘One Shot Learning’ ensures the model learns the features of a person’s face just from 1 Sample image. Preliminary Features of our solutions include Face Localisation for attendance, Misalignment Detection to warn and Multiple People Recognition to recognize everyone or single person from a crowd from any angle.

Creating efficiency & improving accountability

Employee Verification
Instant verification of employees, contractors, visitors and unknown people at entry, exit and other control points.

Data Access
Role-based access to requiring face recognition as a form of authentication to critical areas like Research Labs, Chairman’s Office, and Datacenters.

Visitor Management
The client was able to regulate access to data and to restricted areas for visitors, contractors and temporary workers with ease.

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