Engineering Analytics

Harnessing the power of data

Engineering Analytics or Big Data Analytics is all about making better informed decisions based on engineering data. Increased competition and reduced time-to-market create a demand for insightful big data analysis and prediction of future trends. Engineering Analytics using Big Data, therefore, has become an integral part of every organization to assess the operational,technical and business environment accurately; and Redeem Systems, as a Big Data and Engineering Analytics Solutions Company, is well poised to provide end-to end services.

Product Engineering Analytics solutions allows OEMs to draw meaningful insights by processing information from machines. OEMs, suppliers and service providers have a significant opportunity to drive growth in the emerging and evolving connected-machine era.

As OEMs are gaining better knowledge of the benefits of engineering analytics or big data analytics — improved customer understanding, identifying new opportunities, reduced time-to-market and improved efficiency – we at Redeem Systems offer big data analytics solutions, based on In-Memory Analytics, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, to move up the value chain of engagement with our customers.

Data Analytics Workflow

In-memory Analytics

Get real value from big data with faster, smarter in-memory analytics built for a big data world

Deep Learning

Get faster and much accurate results with our fast deep learning algorithms

Real-time Analytics

Our real-time analytics drives immediate insights from enterprise data – without data movement cost and without risk

Our Capabilities

Product Realization Analytics

Provides a holistic view of cost optimization across the product realization value chain and enables companies to remain cost effective by optimizing each phase of the product development. At Redeem Systems, we apply engineering and big data analytics techniques to market research data to derive best possible insights, to DfX analysis to determine how various designs will impact cost and speed of manufacturing, to testing processes to ensure sample test results most accurately reflect the entire batch, to product feature analysis to determine its sustainability and enhance profitable longevity – and much more!

IOT Analytics

Our Engineering analytics suite understands data generated by sensors, manufacturing equipment, smart meters and other types of machinery with an eye towards reducing maintenance costs, avoiding equipment failures and improving business operation.

Enterprise Enablement Analytics

We also provide the complete suite of Big Data Analytics solutions with a business focus to accelerate market success of our OEM clients. We deploy analytics techniques to Supply Chain & Logistics data to synchronize supply chain with production, to CRM data to most accurately decipher customer satisfaction, to Social Posts to decipher public sentiment and brand perceptions.