Thought leadership in Engineering & Digital Technologies

Redeem possesses pioneering expertise in Engineering and Digital Technologies such as Product Lifecycle Management, Industrial IoT, SDN/NFV & Big Data Analytics whereby we have brought significant enhancements to the engineering products and processes of our OEM and ISV customers across multiple industries. The following Blogs provide a view of our deep engineering expertise, the latest developments in the industry and latest news related to Redeem Systems.

Network Virtualization & Network Health!

2018-04-07 |   Admin |   Network

Is Network Virtualization going to improve your network’s health? On this World Health Day, that’s the question everyone’s asking!

What’s Cooking? Network Virtualization And Analytics!

2018-04-04 |   Admin |   Network

A spread of Network Virtualization and Analytics – ‘feast for network admins’ or ‘recipe for trouble’?

Can We Stop History From Repeating Itself ?

2018-03-27 |   Admin |   AR/VR

Legend tells us about a legendary IT solution whose failures are now the stuff of legend. I’m talking about Enterprise Resource Management Systems (ERP)...


2017-08-18 |   Admin |   IIOT

Tableau is revolutionizing the way data is being used. To access and further analyze the data doesn’t anymore.

Sample Video Object Classifier Application Using Tensorflow Object Detection API & Python Tkinter GUI

2017-08-18 |   Admin |   IIOT

In this tutorial, we will present a very simple application built using the latest Tensorflows Object Detection API. The object detection...