Designed @ India – The Key To Make In India

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Designed @ India – The Key to Make in India While we grapple with the various elements that have to be put in place to make the Make in India Movement a success – One very important factor that needs to be harnessed fully is India’s engineering talent that’s a lot beyond than what it is currently lauded – Information Technology The Auto and Spacecraft industries have proven that the Ingenuity quotient of the Indian Engineering Excellence pool is on par with even the technologically most advanced nations in the world.

Given that technology transfers between countries in most instances are more basic and non-core in nature – it is absolutely essential to advance and develop both core technologies & its applications more out of our own geographical confines. The quantum of investments towards research and development and the Government Support to nourish this stream of efforts are to be stepped up.

A note for advanced users. You may skip some of the parts of this tutorial, wherever you feel that I have taken it very slowly. The idea of this blog post is to make even beginners get a clear understanding of what’s going on and how it all works.

Without further delay, let's jump straight into the problem defining and what we are going to do. In this tutorial, we are going to use the TensorFlow object detection API and create a small application in Python and Python GUI application creator Tkinter. Though this blog is quite easy to understand, I would still recommend that you go through Tensorflow and Object Detection API documentation and also their GitHub page to get a clear understanding of how it works.

One basic step is to treat R&D different from IT and bring back the SOPs to R&D especially those that were enjoyed by IT as a segment until recently. While we celebrate the Start-Up India effort – even today we do not see the Millennials jump into venturing to win in the manufacturing business. For the existing entrepreneurs, the weakening of the rupee seems to have been the log in the sea that is keeping them afloat. With multiple challenges in infrastructure, energy availability, supply chain strengthening, and skill gaps fulfillment et al being addressed in parallel, one major element that needs to be strengthened is the full systems design capabilities in the country. Indian Engineering Services industry has been growing from strength to strength in the last decade and it is supposed to be now at where Indian IT was in the mid 90s The ITO & BPO waves have helped us evolve a lot on the business models front that today there are mechanisms to mitigate risks as merely mediocre performance, excessive costs, late delivery, regulatory compliance et al . This along with the need to address the colossal Indian market requirements are compelling both global MNCs and local companies to collect themselves on the Designed at India as the key to the Make in India charter. This enables OEMs to be absolutely closer to the market where the consumption happens to sharpen their needed marketing edge to succeed.

India has always been well regarded for its Knowledgebase ( though there is a need to separate the chaff and the grain even in this granary in terms of excellence and mediocrity) and with mature offshoring & outsourcing practices – Designed at India is a natural fall out in the journey of Industry evolution. Designed at India is bound to be the next wave as integral to ESO after the ITO & BPO.

The growing manufacturing woos of China is also making Make In India more viable as low-cost production is now more reality from the Tiger than the Dragon. Given this wealth of positive trends that are converging and given the government support – we believe that companies that are going to create full systems capabilities will be able to be better enabled to ride the Make in India wave. Though the wave is taking time to catch up – it is a matter of time as the wind forces are significant enough to turn the already set flames into an inferno … We expect this charter to be in full momentum and happening by 2020 –According to one theory, the world is looking at India as an alternative to China. So it’s up to us now that we act and seize this opportunity ….we believe that, for India, this is a golden chance to become a superpower. And Design is at the basic layer of the value chain pyramid – we are doing our bit by growing as a Full Systems Design House and catalyzing this cause. With intrinsic capabilities and proven track record in grooming and harnessing excellence of the robust engineering talent of this country – we are sure to make strides, as a Company, further and further on this path.

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