What’s Cooking? Network Virtualization And Analytics!

2018-04-04    |    Admin

A spread of Network Virtualization and Analytics – ‘feast for network admins’ or ‘recipe for trouble’?

Companies that are planning to or are in the process of implementing network virtualization with analytics solutions should consider the following:

1. Something is better than nothing, but is that ‘something’ sufficient?

  • Without any analytics solutions supporting virtualized networks, the admins will be blind-sighted on faults, configuration issues, traffic patterns, compatibility, security, etc. This is the “nothing’ scenario”, and obviously, it is not exciting.
  • It is better to have ‘something’ in the form of ‘descriptive operational analytics’ so that admins can dig out wherein the network are the faults developing, what configuration and provisioning issues are there, how the traffic patterns change with users and time, where the compatibility issues are with multi-vendor solutions and what caused a particular security breach.
  • And as ‘starters or appetizers’ to the meal, these ‘somethings’ will bring out the gastric juices in-network admins allowing them to work out the corrective actions.

2. Why settle for ‘something’, when you can have practically ‘everything’?

  • It is good to commence the meal with starters and appetizers, but eventually, you have to move to the main course in the form of ‘predictive and prescriptive cognitive analytics’!
  • Advanced self-learning and self-adapting algorithms based on advanced machine learning and deep learning can predict network faults before they occur and take corrective action, re-configure and provision the network based on accurately predicted traffic requirements, decode an attack as it occurs and takes real-time protective measures.
  • This will enable a closed-loop cognitive analytics platform that integrates with orchestration and policy engines to deliver a fully automated network – leaving the network admins free to feast.

Redeem Systems, as a ‘full-service analytics restaurant’, offers the complete menu from starters to the main course – and desserts too for the indulgent patrons. And based on your health condition, appetite, and of course your wallet, you can order what best suits you – we surely deliver the best quality and value for money. However, if you choose to go with any ordinary vendor for your virtualization and analytics meal, the cheap street-food solution could do more harm than good to your network’s health.

Telecom OEMs and Telecom Service Providers or Operators have long trusted us to enhance their portfolio. Furthermore, we are equally open to collaborating with other ‘services/solutions providers’ so that the mutually-complemented competencies make a bigger dent in the market.

Excited to know more about Redeem Systems, and how we can be of benefit to «Company»!Just drop an email at, we will take things further! And don’t hesitate to check out

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