Automotive Engineering Services

Redeem Systems offers a range of technology services for automotive OEMs. Whether Automotive Infotainment, or ADAS, or Autosar development, or Automotive Body Electronics or Industrial Design & Analysis – we bring best-in-class competencies to the forefront.

The automotive industry landscape is undergoing a paradigm shift – on one hand, newer propulsion technologies are redrafting the powertrain, and on the other hand, advances in digital are reshaping the automobile interiors, especially the infotainment aspects. Furthermore, the advances toward partial and fully autonomous automobiles are demanding huge research and development investments. With such multi-faceted technological developments occurring at such rapid pace, automotive OEMs are increasingly turning toward engineering service providers who can provide specialized services and solutions to augment the OEM’s own portfolio and expedite the technological advancements on multiple fronts.

With our full system’s capabilities that span Electronics, Mechanical, Mechatronics and Software – along with our deep expertise across the complete product lifecycle – we have a natural advantage toward providing superior technology services in the automotive domain.

We provide specialized services in the following automotive domains:

  1. Automotive Infotainment Development and Testing
  2. ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and Telematics
  3. AUTOSAR Development
  4. Body Electronics
  5. Automotive Industrial Design and Analysis

Our competencies and customer success stories in each of these automotive domains are described below:

In addition to the above mentioned competencies in specific automotive domains, we also carry strong expertise in the following segments that can be applied to different automotive domains:

1. Full System Development Capabilities

Our competencies span hardware, software, mechanical, mechatronic and embedded products. Therefore, we can provide full systems design and development across multiple automotive domains.

  • Systems Engineering
  • Requirement Engineering and Management
  • ECU Hardware
  • Software
  • Test Specifications
  • Embedded Software Development (AUTOSAR, MISRA, Static Analysis)
  • HMI and Application software, Connectivity solutions
  • Model Based Development (MBD) and Auto Code Generation
2. Maintenance and Support Services

We provide maintenance and support services across software layers. Therefore, our competencies can be leveraged in all such automotive modules that require consistent software support.

  • Bugs tracking and fixing
  • Coding standards and guidelines conformance
  • Feature upgrades for vehicle platform
  • HMI and Application Maintenance
3. Testing Services

Redeem provides state-of-the-art testing tools and follows precise testing approach to identify risks and boost efficiency. Our Automotive products undergo a wide-array of product verification and validation testing in order to meet the Redeem standards.

  • Test Automation
  • Hardware In Loop testing (HIL)
  • Software In Loop (SIL)
  • Model In Loop (MIL), CAPL, Python
  • White box Testing
    • Unit Testing, RTRT, QAC (Static Analysis)
  • Black Box Testing
    • CAPL Scripts, CANalyzer, CANoe, CANgen, GENy, CANdela Studio
    • Independent Verification and Validation
4. Embedded Debugging

It takes the special expertise of Redeem Systems to offer state of the art Embedded Debugging services. And such competencies are especially important in today’s automotive landscape where a majority of modules are now embedded systems.

Embedded Software Debugging Tools
  • JTAG
  • CANalyzer
  • CANoe
  • CANgen
  • GENy
  • CANdela Studio
  • In Circuit Emulator(ICE)
  • Code Composer Studio IDE
Hardware Debugging Tools
  • Logic Analyser
  • Spectrum Analyser
  • Labview