Aerospace & Strategic
Electronics Solutions

Redeem Systems has diversified into Aerospace, Defense and Homeland Security Solutions. The rationale is to extend its engineering services portfolio in a more vertically integrated fashion and be a cross vertical player.

There are two fundamental reasons for diversifying into Aerospace Solutions:

Vertical focus expansion gives the company the needed growth field and also de-risks the business from the seasonality of the one vertical it had earlier focused upon.

The cross vertical across the value chain play also provides us the scope to deliver better value to our customer base .It enable us to leverage the learnings and best practices across the variety of systems we deliver upon across segments.

Additionally, these segments represent significant growth potential given the Make In India thrust from the Government and given the national pride associated with indigenous technology development and product realization we can achieve, it was also commitment to our country that led us to diversify.

It is expected that global need for high-speed transportation of humans and cargo will fuel a significant boom in the global Aerospace industry. Furthermore, as mentioned, the Indian government is making many efforts to bring Aerospace facilities to greater number of citizens and India is expected to become the third-largest aeronautical market by 2020. Therefore, increased global and local demand for superior aero connectivity will generate a boom for Aerospace solutions companies and Redeem Systems with its deep engineering expertise is keen to prove its capabilities by providing aerospace solutions to leading OEMs in this sector.

At this juncture, being a nascent vertical for us – we are primarily undertaking aerospace solutions work that is of low-risk work for customers to outsource. We primarily provide support in drafting, structures analysis, modelling, and technical documentation to our customers. While our designers have a wide array of CAD Design skills, our current primary system for CAD work is Pro/Engineer. We can also undertake work in Catia, SolidWorks, Unigraphics, AutoCAD and SolidEdge

Product Design Development:

Our domain experts and design engineers help you to take the final step in transforming your conceptual ideas to manufacturing ready designs for aeronautical equipment, aircraft components and engines with 2D manufacturing drawings and 3D modeling.

Reverse Engineering:

Through our expertise in 3D scanning, CMM inspection and point cloud conversion, we help your design engineers to restore obsolete design information for legacy aircraft parts. We also provide design optimization solutions based on reverse engineered component designs.

Engineering Analysis & Design Optimization:

We help you reduce development schedules and validate your designs prior to production, through engineering analysis based on CFD and FEA techniques.

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