Digitalization Services

Our Digitalization Services are aimed at enabling OEMs to successfully undertake their Digital Transformation Journey, irrespective of their current state of maturity, to maximize value generation across their value chain.

Our digital transformation methodology “Cruize Digital”, is smart enough to draw from, our expertise in Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), Engineering Analytics (EA), Intelligent Extended Reality (I-XR), Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Cyber Security and augment it with, wherever necessary, our expertise in Mechanical Engineering, Embedded System Design and Development, to provide custom solutions where unique OEM specific to challenges needs to be addressed and to provide IP Leveraged Solutions to speed up the Digital Transformation Journey wherever possible.

Our expertise across technologies such as IIoT, EA, I-XR and Cybersecurity makes us a compelling partner for OEMs to undertake their Digital transformation journey with. We alsomake our mark in the Digital Transformation Journey of every single OEM by championing in technologies such SDN & NFV and transforming the fundamental infrastructure that underlies Digital Transformation itself.

Engineering Analytics Solutions

Product Life Cycle Management with special emphasis on extending period of profitability

Industrial IoT Solutions

Market penetration or New Product Introduction services to accelerate success in emerging markets


With well-established practices around Cloud and Networking, backed by strong expertise across the entire SDN & NFV stack, Redeem Systems is a preferred right technology partner for ISVs, OEMs and Service Providers.


Unleashing the potential of extended reality to transform businesses and even create completely new business models.